Needs of Children When Inside a Care Centre


Development and the needs of a child are different from one another. That is why it is important for a parent to find the right childcare facility that will be suitable for them. A parent’s quality for taking care of their children is very important for their relationship and development compared when a child is in Ormeau child care facility.

There is right age or time when putting your child in this kind of facility, that’s because, like what was stated earlier, every child’s development and needs are different with each other. But when a baby is at its early stage of life, it is important that the parent give their full attention and time to them because of the following benefits:

• Breastfeeding
• Have more time getting to know their baby
• Develop a strong relationship and bonding with their baby

Babies needs in a day care facility 6 months and under

If you want your baby to be in a day care facility as early as 6 months or younger, it is advisable that you do the sessions three times a week and later on adjust it. This is because a baby needs to get to know their carer and learn to adjust with the situation. The carer should be constant and stable so that the baby won’t be confused with the person taking care of them.

The needs of a baby 6 months and under in a day care facility:

• An infant should have a consistent carer.

• A carer should get to know the baby so that she will understand their special needs as an individual.

• A carer should never let a baby left to cry and that they should understand that babies needs special attention and care.

• The carer should be educated about the proper hygiene, safety needs and health of babies.

• Babies should have an individual space for playing and sleeping.

• A carer should understand the development and growth of babies.

Needs of children 6 months to 3 years old in a day care facility

Carer needs to understand the needs of every child. When at this bracket of age, children are more inclined to get upset when you put your attention to other children or leave them behind. It is also important that the children will carry their own special toys because this makes them secure when put in a place that they are not familiar about.

A carer should also know how to listen to the children and be able to give them different toys to play with.